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Which to Choose for Your Event

Simply put, the difference between these two options is that the front projection reflects light off of the screen while rear-projection diffuses the projector's light through the screen.  The cost and time associated with each are relatively similar; however, there are several factors to consider, when determining which might make one option better than the other for your particular event.  

With this arrangement, everything will be behind the screen; therefore, the screen will need to be placed away from the wall to make room for the equipment.  This option is best suited for larger venues since it does cut down space in the room. The specific amount of space needed behind the screen will vary depending on the size of the screen, projector, and projector lens being used.  The advantage, however, is it eliminates any issues with shadows such as people walking in front of the projector.

With front projection, the image produced is considerably weakened if there is a lot of ambient light, so you would need a way to darken the room to ensure the image is bright and clear.  With rear projection, the presence of ambient light can actually make the image better by increasing contrast and saturation, so it would be well worth considering this for rooms where it is not possible to eliminate the required amount of ambient light.


Regards: Ethelyn Rose

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